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Old Hall Peoples Partnership

"Committed to making a difference"

Originally as a tenants and residents association aiming to make small changes to the local community of Bentley, Walsall. Old Hall Peoples partnership was formed in October 2000. Since forming the charity has gone from strength to strength now managing 5 community buildings. Now delivering successful community enterprises such as “Spadework Handyman & Gardening Service” which since its formation in 2006 has a growing client base of around 600. The charity also has a second hand furniture project which receives donations of quality used furniture and provides it to those who are in need and cannot afford to buy new. This along with the qualified Benefit, Debt & Money advice service delivered support is available to families and individuals particularly in need during tough economic times. The charity also has a service level agreement with Walsall Council to deliver a youth service and activities which are attended by in excess of 100 young people per week. We also deliver community activities, groups, luncheon clubs and events which encourage community participation, help tackle social isolation. All services are community led and community minded with most involving little or no charge.  Those that do are at subsidised rates. The activities provided by Old Hall Peoples Partnership are supported by the organisations Volunteer and training program which aims to skill up individuals to help them in to employment. Old hall Peoples Partnership also manage a community allotment which is maintained and ran by volunteers and has been used to aid programs and activities delivered.

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