We have done since the minute the charity was launched.

But, of course, we also appreciate receiving. Which is possibly where you come in.

Here's a handful of ways in which you can help the truly inimitable and always worthy people of Walsall.



Money is welcome

This goes without saying, because we have so many good ways on which it needs spending. So, if you have the means, you can donate as heartily or as frugally as you are able.

Or you can donate your unwanted items. Quality furniture and white goods will always be gratefully received by our Pay It Forward (hyperlink) facility. And our charity shops are constantly in need of fresh stock.

Anything and in any way you are able to give will allow us to make a difference- which is why we're here.

Make A Donation Today


You can help us

and, if need be, help yourself too. Of course we'll accept any kind of voluntary effort from anyone who is fit and able enough, but if you're out of work and searching there's a good chance we can get you the type of work experience and training that will land you a paying job.

It might be helping out as a handyman or gardening, it might be retail or collection, catering or even doing your turn as a librarian. This is an all hands on deck enterprise and we'll always find a good use for willing hearts.

But, honestly, if you just want to lend a hand for the sake of it then we'll supply you with endless thanks and more tea than you ever thought it was possible for a human to drink.


So please feel free to come join us.



Use The Facilities

For a local charity we have a ginormous amount going on. Aside from the events we arrange throughout the year, we have the library, the shops, the collection business, property upkeep, the gardening and handyman service, counselling services and so on.

If you hire our folks, even at our very competitive prices it's all money that goes into our pot to do a bit more good around Walsall.

And we would be forever grateful for your custom.

Contact us to learn more, or visit the shop

Introduce Others

Spread the word

in other words. You might do us our greatest service by introducing our many facilities to someone in need or who might be able to help us out.

There are few more worthy causes than helping those who have less than the rest.


Become a Volunteer

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