to make a difference in any way we possibly could. And we properly mean it too.

The upshot is that we have evolved into a very diverse charity indeed, taking on a seemingly endless line of viable projects and ideas.

All this has meant we have an enormous amount of facilities that we make ample use of.

But don't just sit there reading ! Our facilities are YOUR FACILITIES ! So please come and try to take full advantage of them. We'll be delighted to see you.

Our facilities are your facilities!

Bentley All Age Activity Centre

This is how a charity can make a revolutionary

Change To Lives

OHPP's activity centre has become an utterly irresistible daily pilgrimage for all age groups, bringing together old friends and creating spectacular new friendships.

There are a wealth of ways to wile away the hours there together and opportunities galore for the retired an elderly to socialise, learn new skills, eat and drink in the cafe (with free wi-fi) or just completely wipe the floor with new pals on the indoor bowling green!


And it astonishes many that such a place can also provide:

  • Baby Groups & Parent Groups
  • Art & Crafts Sessions
  • Luncheon Clubs
  • Disabilities Groups
  • Soft Play
  • Smart Art
  • 12 till 3 Club

I'm Still Here Club (for those suffering dementia & their carers)

But we can assure you it does ! All of the above and much more ! And you should come see for yourself, should you have any doubt whatsoever about OHPP's endless ability to make a difference.

Our doors are always open

Bentley Community Library

One of OHPP's proudest achievements

The library is open to members six days a week and opens the literary worlds of enlightenment, education, swashbuckling adventure, crime, romance, biography and page after page of happiness to all who love reading.


Charity Shops

Active charity shops

Two bustling, ever active charity shops give a welcome injection of income to the charity.

They provide locals with both the opportunity to shop and to donate their unwanted goods, from hairdryers to bone china to their epic and once treasured Now That's What I Call Music collection.

OHPP Centre

The People's Partnership Centre

The People's Partnership Centre is the charity's bustling nerve centre, where every day brings bigger and better surprises and an inevitable handful of new conundrums to be solved.

It's here that founder Denise Birkett is based, along with the ever steadfast and enterprising, Diana Southall


The Centre welcomes visitors to the community library, child minders and their wards and welcomes Walsall residents in need of Money & Benefits advice that should have a long lasting impact on their lives.

The library is one of the jewels in OHPP's crown and we are very proud of it, hosting a weekly sewing and craft group there.

The Centre also offers world class office & conference space, fully serviced and with free parking at extremely competitive rates- the envy of many businesses across Walsall and the Black Country.

So please feel free to come join us.


The Hub

Priceless Skills

A charity shop providing struggling residents of Walsall a leg up in life. OHPP took over the shop with the aim of providing training in retail and customer services to lesser abled, elderly or disadvantaged volunteers determined to crack on with life come what may. And it's been a success from week one with countless staff learning priceless skills there before forging ahead with life.

There can't be too many people from Bentley and the surrounding areas who haven't been through the doors of The Hub now and there can't be too many people anywhere who wouldn't be charmed by what''s achieved there every single day.

Contact us to learn more or visit the shop


Whole Allota Love

For such an urban place there certainly are a lot of green fingered folk in Walsall.

OHPP are proud and delighted to manage the Alexander Road Community Allotments, where we rent out allotments for individuals to maintain to their heart's content.

There's also a community allotment for everyone to muck in on together, old hands and new. And we're always on the lookout for volunteers with sturdy backs !

To hire an allotment or to help out please call 01922 474684


Community Cafe

Friendly Atmosphere

Our Community Cafe has the warmest, friendliest atmosphere you could ever hope to experience and has thrived this last year since opening. We serve a wonderful variety of hot and cold dishes, every one with that delicious homemade quality that has people coming back day after day for more.

But for Walsall folk who come here it's all about feeling welcome and sharing the events, the facilities, experiences and great times to be had as part of the OHPP community.

It's something money can't buy, no matter how deep your pockets and we just think it's a shame they don't dish out those fancy Michelin Stars for what our utterly unique little cafe has to offer.

Come and visit. You'll soon see what we're on about.

And don't forget, there's free wi-fi too.

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