is on the entire Walsall community. Leaving absolutely no one out.

This way we're able to help lots of different people in lots of different ways, rather than being just a one trick pony charity.
We work from some public funding and some donations but a lot of what we achieve is generated by our own enterprise and honest hard work.
It's what makes OHPP a bit different. And it's how we make a difference.
Here's some of the ways we make a difference.

Here's how we make a difference.



Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Sometimes it just seems impossible to make ends meet.

Most of us have been there at least once in our life, so we all understand. But you should also understand that all hope is never lost and that, with OHPP, help is always at hand.

OHPP's Benefit, Debt & Money Advice service has already eased the burden for countless thousands of people across Walsall and, if you are in need, then we can help you too.

Our aim is to provide a long term solution, instead of a short term fix. We want to provide constructive, long term answers so our facility gives guidance and advice and continues to offer support into the person's more secure future.

OHPP's advice service is available on:

Tuesdays 10am-2pm at OHPP Centre


Ripping Yarns, Swashbuckling Adventures,

Epic Tales & Education Galore

OHPP runs Bentley's public library. And we couldn't be prouder about it.

We help educate kids and adults and that is priceless. And, as Walsall residents, you are free to come along, join and make use of our excellent facilities.

Though, of course, this achievement hasn't come about without a cost.

When the original public library closed we knew it could be calamitous for literacy levels and community spirit and go on to hurt generations of people.

So we grabbed the bull by the horns, made room in Old Hall and now house a thriving library that is in use six days a week, as much to the delight of four year olds as it is to eighty eight year olds. As well as a vast array of contemporary books, computer access and facilities for pre-school and school children.

Anyone in Walsall is welcome to access our library and in so doing enters a world of epic tales, ripping yarns and endless adventure. It's how we keep some kids off the streets and give them an educational opportunity that would otherwise have been wrenched away from them.


The tremendous thing about having taken the initiative with the library is that the community has backed us.

All library work is by Bentley volunteers and all future costs will come through OHPP, following original funding by Walsall Council.

Please ask us about our:
  • Junior Member's Club
  • Rhythm & Rhyme & Story Time baby group
  • Homework Club
  • Computer Access

Contact us on Facebook to learn about joining the library and opening hours. Or call

So please feel free to come join us.

Pass It On

Downton Abbey Style

Down town Discount Prices

PASS IT ON is a classic and locally celebrated example of OHPP in versatile action.

We help ordinary people buy quality furniture at low prices. We recycle quality used furniture, which people donate to us. And any profits we make are quickly ploughed back into the charity's other work.

It's an absolute no brainer success story from any angle and we often have customers chuckling out the door, having secured the bargain of a lifetime.

The system has helped out many thousands of low income households across Walsall and provided bargains aplenty for shoppers in the area.

And you're welcome to get involved yourself too, either in donating, buying or even as a hard working volunteer.


Contact us or to learn more, or visit the shop

Youth Services


The Kids Are Alright

We've spent many years providing an invaluable range of youth services and we've helped lots of young people come through their most difficult years with a bit of proper guidance and support.

It's about caring and sharing a bit of worldy wisdom, we've found, regardless of what age group we are trying to help.

Cuts to government funding have meant OHPP has been forced to scale back on youth services for the moment, but we have great ambitions for the next few years and are determined to soon be back providing the best facilities we possibly can.

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