What's Going On?

If you've read anything about us across the rest of this site you'll understand that we have a huge amount of stuff going on.

In fact it can be breathless and exhausting at the very best of times just trying to keep as many plates spinning as we do.

We'd love to have a page here that was endlessly update in technicoloured detail about everything we're doing and every event we have planned… but we always have wiser ways to spend money.

So we can't be throwing money around on constantly updated web work, can we now ?

On Facebook though, well now that's a different proposition entirely.

If you follow us on Facebook you'll be gobsmacked with wonder at the endless array of activities, newly updated information and opportunities to get involved with and support OHPP.

From community events and functions to the very latest photos and videos of OHPP's efforts across Walsall, we have vowed to give updates and keep you properly posted at every opportunity.

Please join us on Facebook or contact the relevant OHPP office to ask specific questions.

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